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Year: 2017

The Next Doctor You Consult Could Be a Robot

Startup company doc.ai has been working with university researchers to create a platform on the blockchain where patients can discuss their medical data with an advanced artificial intelligence “doctor.” On August 24, doc.ai announced that their advanced natural language processing technology platform, based on the blockchain, would timestamp datasets and decentralize artificial intelligence. The startup stated that the platform […]

We Need More Doctors With Disabilities

When Dr. Bliss Temple was in training, she remembers being in an elevator wearing her white coat and her stethoscope when a patient who was using a wheelchair got in. Temple is paraplegic; she also uses a wheelchair. “We checked out each other’s chairs, and then he looked at me and said, ‘Oh! You’ve joined […]

Doctor’s Bag – Contents

The doctor’s bag is very important and the contents of it vary according to the individual doctor and their pattern of work. GPs working in remote parts of the Highlands of Scotland will obviously have very different requirements from those working in the inner city. Many GPs will no longer work out of hours but […]